Rattlesnake security LLC.
RSS is experience security company in aviation and airports security services.our officers are ex-military.law enforcement and specialized for aviation and airports security services.
Safety and security are top priority at airports today. 
RSS is professional and experience in all classes of airports working in concert with aviation personnel and officials from mot and law enforcement.aviation clients and community complexes engage us to perform limited services or functions and over time a sure earn their trust and confidence expand our contractual scope of work to realize excellent cost saving and improved service.through consolidating assorted airport safety and security services under contracts with us.
RSS is one of the largest security company and specialized to providing aviation and airports security services plan. quality and quantity are not the same.RSS is experience security company to providing airports security services and any other transportation.
We share best practices from facilities around the country with our customers and apply them  to improve our service.RSS is unique aviation and airports security services and training program in customer enabling us to work with airports and airlines in served different capacity.
Typical airport and aviation specialized  security services RSS can provid you.
1-Boarding services (pre-and post flight).
2-Baggage make up-up area and baggage escort.
3-aircraft security.
4-Ramp security /hold and exterior inspection.
5-securing of pre boarding aircraft cabin.
6-inspection of duty.
7-security of cargo warehouse.
8-cargo escort services.
9-searches(All type).
10-Breach response.
11-Document verification.
12-passengers screening.
13-parking lot security.
14-traffic control.
15-vehicle and foot patrols.
17-and more. RSS always surprise the clients with the services we providing and reasonable quotation.