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Rattlesnake Security, L.L.C.
RS is an experienced aviation and airport security service company. Our officers are ex-military, law enforcement, and have specialized training in aviation and airport security. Safety and security are the top priorities at airports today. 
RS is professional and experienced with all classes of airports. We work in concert with aviation personnel and officials from the Ministry of Transport and law enforcement. Our aviation and community complex clients engage us to perform limited services or functions, and over time as we earn our clients’ trust and confidence, we are able to expand our contractual scope of work.  Our contracted clients realize excellent cost savings and improved service through consolidating airport safety and security services with RS.

RS is one of the largest security companies in Florida. We specialize in providing quality aviation and airport security service plans. Our security plans can be customized to provide effective security for all types of public transportation and infrastructure.

RS shares best practices from facilities around the country and applies them to fit our clients’ needs in order to continually improve our service.

In addition to aviation and airport security services, RS offers a comprehensive training program for our clients, enabling us to work with airports and airlines in educational and supervisory capacities. With regulatory training requirements continually changing, our training program will ensure that your staff’s certifications are up to date.

Typical airport and aviation specialized security services RS provides:
Boarding Services (pre- and post-flight)
Baggage Make-up Area and Baggage Escort
Aircraft Security
Ramp Security (hold and exterior inspection)
Securing of Pre-boarding Aircraft Cabin
Inspection of Duty
Cargo Warehouse Security
Cargo Escort Services
Searches (all types)
Breach Response
Document Verification
Passenger Screening
Parking Lot Security
Traffic Control
Vehicle and Foot Patrols

Contact RS to discuss your safety and security requirements and receive a reasonable quotation for the services we provide.